Sunday, November 24, 2013

Remembrance Suite at Vista Dances

The fall semester is snowballing to a close, and I'm thrilled to have worked with such wonderful students these past few months. Last night, students at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio danced "Remembrance Suite," comprised of two original Duncan pieces and a new choreography that we created together. I am so impressed with the maturity and artistry of this group of community college dancers. 

 I had just seven rehearsals with them to set this work, and they were incredibly present. We recorded our process and they worked from video when I was unable to be in San Antonio to rehearse them. It is such a joy to share with a group of dancers who are eager to bring their whole selves to this work. 

We also had the opportunity to share for a community fundraiser on campus last Thursday night. Students from St. Peter-Joseph Children's Home came to the Northwest Vista College campus for a holiday dinner. Three dancers from our piece were able to share two pieces during the meal. One of the great blessings of the community college system is that it makes higher education a real possibility for so many students. Duncan was such an advocate of access to education across class divisions. I imagine she would be pretty proud of these dancers too!

Click here to see these dancers in dress rehearsal for "Remembrance Suite"